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TP alka, rinse & oxy are available in DK, SE, NO & FI
TP acid is available in DK, SE & FI

The below mentioned products are specially developed as a close co-operation between Dr. Weigert and Tecniplast in order to meed the increasing demands from the market in terms of reliability and optimal washing results.

Acid or Alkaline?

The TP Alka detergent is especially efficient for removal of organic residues; faeces, blood & proteins from animals cages with small rodents.

The TP Acid removes acid-soluble soiling such as lime & urine scale from bottles, caps as well as rabbit and guinea pig cages.

Oxy component

The TP oxy is designed for use in combination with TP alka in special cleaning units for aquatic tanks. The detergent is free of chlorine & surfactants, easy to rinse off and have excellent material compatability.


Drying can be improved by using suitable rinse aids. In addition, the acid rinse aid neodisher TP Rinse will neutralise alkaline detergent residues and the alkalinity of a softened rinse water. This should be noted particularly with polycarbonate since this plastic can be attacked by alkaline detergent residues or alkaline final rinse water during autoclaving.

The selection of the most suitable rinse aid is particularly important in the case of subsequent autoclaving and must take the nature of the material into account.

Neodisher TP Alka

  • For cages, lids and racks
  • Removes organic residues; faeces, blood & proteins
  • Compatible with polycarbonate, polysulfone, polyetherimide, polyphenylsulfone & stainless steel

Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Neodisher TP Acid - for bottles, caps, rabbit & guinea pig cages

  • Removes acid-soluble soiling such as lime & urine scale
  • Compatible with stainless steel, polycarbinate, polysulfone, polyetherimide, polyphenylsulfone as well as ABS & noryl plastic

Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Neodisher TP Rinse

  • Improves and accelerates drying/dripping considerably
  • Suitable for polycarbonate, polysulfone, polyetherimide & polyphenylsulfone

Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Neodisher TP Oxy - component for cleaning of aquatic tank

  • Additional component based on active oxygen
  • Reliably removes stubborn residues such as algae, food residues and water ingredients in combination with neodisher TP alka
  • Suitable for tanks made of polycarbonate and polysulfone

Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet