In Scandinavia SCANBUR represent some of the world’s leading research industry suppliers of quality equipment and consumables. Key words describing our trading partners are: Uncompromising quality, innovation and product leadership.


A leading global company in the lab animal industry. They design and manufacture a wide range of equipment for housing of rodents. Moreover, they manufacture for example mobile cage changing stations and state-of-the-art automatic systems for monitoring individual cages. All based on solid scientific evidence documenting how their solutions support animal welfare and high-quality research. Tecniplast is also the supplier of the world’s most innovative product line for Zebrafish or other aquatic species for facilities of any size. 

Avidity Science

A worldwide leader in supply of automated animal drinking systems for vivariums. 


For 20+ years IWT has specialised in the design, manufacture and installation of washing systems for both the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries worldwide as a company of the Tecniplast group.


Experts on rodent enrichment, bedding & nesting material. With high quality products they aim to meet and exceed the customers' expectations. Continued focus on the development of new products and an emphasis on efficient manufacturing show that they are committed to keeping customers at the leading edge of market technology.


Offers a wide range of regular diets for rats and mice, including breeding and maintenance diets for special strains and diets for long-term maintenance (ageing, toxicology studies). 


Offers a wide range of Aspen bedding and enrichment, production sites in Latvia and Austria.


Offers a wide range of Aspen bedding and enrichment.


Steam sterilizers designed specifically for life science, laboratories and research facilities, which incorporate adapted sterilization cycles for e.g. cages, bottles, racks, etc. as well as for destruction of biocontaminated waste and for biocontainment barriers.


Amira is a key player in the controlled contamination environment sector, quality solutions for contamination containment, control and monitoring.