Zebrafish Breeding

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Innovative technology for improved Zebrafish breeding - we offer a large range to accommodate your specific needs: Pair breeding, small groups or large groups.



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Thousands of synchronized embryos on demand. iSpawn streamlines the production and collection of developmentally synchronized embryos in precise windows of time.

  • Suitable for static conditions or recirculating system
  • Easy to use
  • Scientifically proven

Developed by researchers, the system has been successfully tested in the largest zebrafish research facilities worldwide.  


A 13-litres water capacity spawning system that allows researchers to collect embryos in batches of thousands at a time. It offers the flexibility to produce embryos based on your lab needs by allowing single or multiple configurations; whether your research focuses on cellular, genetics, physiological or behavioral studies.

  • Flexibility to allow single or multiple configurations (cellular, genetics, molecular, physiological or behavioral studies)
  • Fits on a bench top. Easy to use. Easy to handle
  • Successfully tested by experts in the field

Breeding Tanks

Innovative technology xtras for improved zebrafish breeding:

  • Slope tank, 1.7 liter capacity. Design promoted natural spawning activity. Long beach style with gravel textured bottom
  • 1-liter tank with divider
  • On-system breeding
  • 0.7-liter internal tank
  • Nets

A large selection to accommodate your needs: Pair breeding, small groups or large groups.