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The DVC Analytics is the scientific cloud-based software developed by Tecniplast in order to access and analyze DVC raw data, transforming them into valuable animal activity information.

Take the utmost from any experiment where spontaneous locomotor activity is a scientifically valuable information!

DVC Analytics can be easily accessed from any web-connected device. Researchers and Lab Managers can now complement their undergoing experiments with animal locomotor activity.

  • Group cages together and make comparisons across cages
  • Monitor cage location thanks to the DVC Inventory module: if during the experiment a cage is moved from an IVC rack position to another, the corresponding DVC raw data are automatically re-aggregated in the DVC Analytics interface
  • 2 different available metrics (and more to come!), to interpret and analyze raw data: Raw data average and Activations
  • The DVC Analytics platform provides different chart visualizations and different types of data aggregation. Easily achieve cross-sectional or longitudinal study analysis and exploit several comparison opportunities. Immediately detect discrepancies among groups and complement the outcome of your experiments without any extra effort
  • Any DVC metric data can be easily downloaded in a .csv format for further statistical analysis with your own tools
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