Ventilated Cages (IVC) Rats ER-1050




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  • Larger floor area: 

    • A comfortable rat suite for research: ER1050 is an experimental cage conceived to improve research outcomes. Its design is the result of the experience of users from all over the world and combines animal welfare with the requirements of scientific research, improving processability and product handling. While keeping a compact design, the increased floor area (1050 cm2) allows you to host one extra animal of the most common size, thus improving the statistical power of your studies. Additionally, the ER1050 allows you to set up an enriched and complex environment for the expression of animals’ natural habits, whilst promoting positive behavioral traits - also during experiments.

  • Increased cage density: 

    • Scientific research requires flexibility when it comes to design in vivo studies: With its unique feature of 8 rows in less than a height of 2 metres, the HD Rack overcomes space limitations and is the perfect solution to increase cage density while saving space in vivarium’s. HD Racks provide an unparalleled density for a rat IVC of this size: the number of cages that can be fitted in an Emerat 1050 rack ensures that extra cage space is readily available when needed.

  • Greater user experience: ER1050 shares the key distinctive features of the Emerald product line: 
    • SMARTOP: The PATENTED SmartTop provides the best ergonomic solution for operators, simplifying access to animals while ensuring best aseptic practices. SmarTop means ergonomics and safety: it facilitates cage change, and its design minimises the risk of cage contamination, reducing the space occupied under the changing station. This is key when working with rat IVCs to ease and streamline the researchers’ and technicians’ work.

    • VISION+: The innovative design provides operators with clear and unrestricted visibility inside the cage, thereby reducing handling of cages and animals during daily checks. This is achieved thanks to the Tecniplast PATENTED cage sealing design, combined with the locking system inside the cage. Simply place the top on the cage to achieve perfect sealing.

    • All-In-One-Rack: By lowering the top row to an accessible position and raising the bottom row to a convenient height, the 7 levels ERGO Rack allows operators to easily access all cages in any position and with maximum comfort (HD rack 8 rows, ERGO rack 7 rows).
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