Ventilated Cages (IVC) Rats ER-1800




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  • Operator comfort: 

    • Ergonomics: EMERAT’s SmarTop provides the best ergonomic solution for operators, simplifying access to animals, by allowing the cage top to be vertically positioned on the base. 

    • Standardisation: Lift the SmarTop and place it on the base: a simple motion allowing operators to perform easy, reproducible and standardised procedures during the cage change. 

    • Biosecurity: The SmarTop assists with best aseptic practice, with any potential cross-contamination minimised. The lightest IVC rat cage of this size: The new cage design features moulded cage runners with built-in handles, allowing greater ergonomics when transfering the cage on and off the rack. The positioning of the hopper means the cover of the lid can act as a a guide to direct the diet in to the hopper providing a simplistic refill, even when the cage is docked on the rack.

  • Animal welfare: 

    • A rat suite: The EMERAT allows the cage occupants to express natural behaviour patterns whilst promoting positive behavioural traits, such as bi-pedal posture. The internal cage volume is fully accessible to animals, this is due to the absence of a stainless steel lid. Additionally, thanks to the dual use of the feeder, the solid lid works as a mezzanine where animals can explore, providing an enriched and complex environment for the expression of their natural behaviour.

  • Visibility: 

    • Vision+: The latch-free innovative design guarantees unrivalled visibility, providing a clear, unrestricted view allowing daily health and welfare checks to be carried out easily. The Tecniplast patented cage sealing design combined with the in-bedded locking system guarantees the optimal protection for both animals and operators.

  • Versatility: 

    • New rack featueres: The Self-Locking Cage allows the operator to remove the cage ‘on the rack’ where it remains securely locked in position. This feature allows direct access to the cage occupants. Choice in the positioning of the feeder: The feeder can be positioned either in the rear part of the cage base or the front, depending on operator preference. 

    • All in one rack, Ergo and HD: Ergo rack (5 rows): Whether it’s positioned at the top or at the bottom, it allows operators to easily access all cages in any position comfortably. HR rack (6 rows): If space is a premium, the HD Rack optimises space reduces and is the perfect solution to increase the cage density and save space in vivariums.

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