General conditions apply to all products: The general conditions apply to all products where installation and delivery are part of the quotation/contract. Installation takes place in accordance with the submitted installation requirements and technical specifications on the drawing / PDF.


On arrival: The location/rooms must be cleaned and ready for installation. When transporting and installing the equipment, cover must be laid out to protect the floor in the affected work areas.


Customer responsibility: If active construction site / unfinished location/rooms: The machine will be handed over to the customer after the set-up/installation has been completed and the responsibility will then be transferred to the customer by means of a provisional delivery transaction. Access routes must be horizontal and have even surface without doorsteps. The customer must ensure that steps are removed for level-free access.


When starting/testing equipment that contains a HEPA filter: The location/rooms must be clean and dust-free.


Connecting SCANBUR's equipment: To water, electricity, air, drainage, and ventilation is not part of the quotation. According to current local standards, connections to water, electricity, drainage, and ventilation must always be carried out by authorized installers. Therefore, these connections are not included in the quotation/contract. These must be carried out according to the supplied installation drawings. The following can be mentioned:

  • cable for connection incl. appliance plug and CEE plug, including safety switch
  • connection to air
  • connection to water
  • connection to steam
  • connection to data network (RJ45)
  • connection to ventilation according to the submitted drawings
  • drainage must be carried out in 50 mm (in most cases) plastic pipes up to 0.5 meters from the machine

However, the above must always be checked for the individual installation and submitted drawings, as these may vary. For easy fault finding and reading, it is recommended that adjustable manometers be fitted to installations for both water, air, and steam.


External work: Connection to steam, water, electricity, drainage, and ventilation, is not included in the quotation, as this must be carried out by authorized installers. All utility connections must be equipped with a valve/tap to be able to separate the installation/machine. The individual static and dynamic pressure must be readable locally for easy reading and troubleshooting. Adjustable manometers must therefore be fitted to the installations for both water, air, and steam.


Covering panels: Between the equipment and walls/ceiling may be offered separately, if there is no drawing of location according to walls etc. Silicone seal around machine.

  • a maximum of 5 mm silicone seal is carried out by our own technicians
  • in the case of a silicone seal over 5 mm, it is carried out at the expense of an external resource.


Connection and programming to the network: Provided by the customer's IT department.


Review of the machine: The review is carried out in connection with the completion of the installation.


Additional training: Additional training/follow-up can be purchased additionally


For installations above street/floor level: The following is not included in the price and is priced and invoiced separately.

  • Crane for lifting when installing at height
  • Expenses to a moving company for heavy, difficult moves/lifts
  • Removing windows / making holes in the building/roof
  • Blocking off the street and notifying other tenants, residents, etc.
  • Re-establishment


Disposal of packaging and dismantled machines: If not ordered and described in the quotation, disposal of dismantled machines / parts as well as used packaging and wrapping are not included in the price. Offers can be made.


For aquatic installations: Water / water quality

  • Water samples must be taken before and after the system is delivered
  • Water samples are not included in the price


Documentation: All electrical products come with a user manual, which is delivered electronically, unless otherwise agreed. In addition, an installation drawing and test report for products requiring installation. Any other documentation is invoiced separately. For IWT products there is also electrical schematics, P&ID, and pneumatics.


Below are product-specific installation and delivery conditions:


IWT: Delivery in accordance with agreement.


AIRSHOWER: Locations/rooms must be dust-free and ready for installation, i.e. it must not be an active construction site.

Covering/silicone seal around machine: A maximum of 5 mm silicone seal is carried out by SCANBUR's technicians. In the case of a silicone seal over 5 mm, it is carried out at the expense of an external resource.

SCANBUR must be informed about contact person after installation for approval of test report and transfer of ownership.

Customer must:

  • provide power connection: 3 kW, 400 V (European Standard) 3 x P + N + E, 50 Hz, 16 Amp
  • must make sure that the floor is of 1) solid construction and 2) level ± 2 mm from center / 0 point of the Airshower at a radius of 800 mm
  • make sure that the Airshower can be transported from the loading ramp to the installation place i.e. transported through all doors, corridors and elevators. Please note the access route must be clear of obstructions
  • protect the floor during transportation of the Airshower from the loading ramp to the installation place


SCANFLOW: Access route must be clear of obstructions.


Floor must be a solid construction with a flatness of ±2 mm encompassing the area of the tower plinth and the work area of the unit. If the transition between floor and wall is curved this should be specified when ordering the unit.


Rear edge of the tower plinth can be shaped according to customer specifications.


Customer must supply and install supply cable in main circuit breaker or CEE plug. Protective fuse 13A (16A recommended) must handle inrush of 35A < 10 ms.


Please refer to drawing for minimum installation height, size of modules, and other physical dimension that has importance for the installation. Specifically make sure the individual modules can be moved into the installation area and that minimum installation height is available.


Choose between 2 installation methods. Default installation method is fixation via two threaded rods and expansion bolts in the ceiling (each point must be able to carry at least 100kgs). If this solution is not viable optional leg-stands can be attached to the front of the unit.


Customer´s responsibility:

  • That the site is ready for installation on the agreed date
  • That the requirements mentioned above are met


SCANCLIME®: All connections are customer responsibility and according to datasheet on the purchased model.